Friday, June 13, 2008

Compressed Air Car and the US

As some of you know, Tata Motors is working on the Compressed Air Car that is expected to be released in Europe and Asia later this year. The car costs 1.50 Euros to fill up and will have a range of 200km and operate at speeds of 110km an hour. Tata plans to have a model that sells for about 3,500 Euros (5000 US approx.).

You can learn more about the Compressed Air Car on the BBC special that announced it a couple of days ago.

One has to think though that with rising fuel prices here, that the vehicle may be a great addition to the US market. Of course with US Safety Requirements that could be impossible. The weight of the car is probably limited and therefore it would unlikely survive any crash tests that US uses because a lot of our tests on based on large cars impacting smaller ones.

With that said, at a price of 5,000 USD and something that costs 2.25 to fill up it could be a really attractive option for those that don't need all the fancy stuff that is currently out on the market.

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