Saturday, June 21, 2008

Want High Speed Rail in the US? Vote Obama

I hate to make this a political blog because I know everyone hears it all the time. However, I think when you discuss the choice between green transportation alternatives and continuing our rapid decline into dirty energy dependency, you have to look at politics and what is stopping us from cleaning up our act.

With that said, Barack Obama is a clear supporter of Mass Transit initiatives, Amtrak, alternative energy and other changes that will honestly impact our environment for the better. McCain while he has some progressive ideals and he's shown in the pass that he can be non-partisan when it comes to the environment has recently drifted back towards a reactionist viewpoint when it comes to transportation changes rather than a logical one.

Obama has always supported increased spending for mass transit, Amtrak, alternative energy and other programs to help the environment. However, if you have doubt, check out the most recent statement in Miami.
And we’ll also invest in our ports, roads, and high-speed rails – because I don’t want to see the fastest train in the world built halfway around the world in Shanghai, I want to see it built right here in the United States of America.
McCain on the other hand has shown that he doesn't care for Amtrak, Mass Transit and any hope we had for developing alternative fuels under a presidency run by him has affectively disappeared. I don't necessarily care if people vote for McCain if this issue isn't important to them, but please be informed when you select that name on a ballot.

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